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We love our AMAZON returns too.... but we cannot accept your QR codes from Amazon or any other retailer. 

While we wish we could, we do not have the ability to scan your QR code from Amazon or any other retailer.  There are agreements in place, that as an independently owned store, we do not have access to those databases.  

We can, however, accept QR codes from USPS.  They have provided access to their system so we can print the label in the shop for you!

There is an easy fix for your Amazon returns though.  If you have already completed the return and were given just a QR code, you can easily cancel and redo the return to get the pre-paid label instead. 

To obtain an Amazon label for return instead of a QR code, follow these steps:

  1. Provide an honest reason for the return on the Amazon website. If the return is due to an error on Amazon's part, such as an item being "too small," you won't have to pay for shipping.
  2. When prompted to select a shipping method, choose "UPS DROP OFF - Box and Label Needed"
  3. If you ever receive a QR code, note that it cannot be processed at our location. QR codes must be handled by a UPS Store. 

To reverse a QR code:

  • Access your orders on Amazon and select the item you want to return.
  • Click on "View return / refund status" and then "Cancel return" twice.
  • Begin the return process again and choose your reason for returning the item.
  • Select UPS DROP OFF - Box and Label Needed (not UPS Store) as the return option and confirm the return.
  • Print your label, and if you don't have a printer, you can email the label to for printing. 

If you encounter any technical difficulties, such as being unable to find "View Return/Refund Status," or if you have requested a replacement item, we are glad to help you to make the process easier.  

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